Writer Guy’s Tip #0: The Preparation

Yes, this is the first post in my stepwise guide on being a writer…
No, I am neither very experienced, nor am I very successful… At least not yet…
Yes, I think this can help…

Anyway, let us begin, not at the first step, but at the zeroth step. Why zeroth? Because you do need to reach the stairs, before you can start climbing.

Now, how does one prepare, before one starts writing? The following are the easy ways to do so…

Read Good Books:

Seems simple enough, does it not? Which is why it is all the more surprising that not enough people seem to be doing it.

Essentially, you need to read a significant number of books, of various authors, genres, locations and time periods, before you are even remotely close to being prepared.

Also, more than just losing yourself in the plot, you need to analyse the book in its entirety. Pay attention to the imagery used in the setting, the progression of the plot, the introduction of characters, the nature of dialogue.

Examine everything the author does, and try to learn from it.

Interact with Peers:

J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis were close friends, and were both active members of Inklings, an aptly named literary discussion group associated with the University of Oxford.

Find others who love the same books you do. Befriend them, discuss your thoughts and ideas with them.


While it is not really necessary, it is highly recommended.

Visiting, or having resided at, several places can help you grow as a person, and as a writer. The ability to see things from multiple perspectives is certainly valuable.

And the new and interesting sights might just give you the idea for a bestselling novel…

Gain Knowledge and Experience:

If you wish to write a detective story, but have no understanding of police procedures and such, you will have a hard time.

Go out into the world, and observe. Learn new things, meet new people… You never know where or when you might acquire a special nugget of knowledge, that might help you later.

Now, the question arises, how would you know if you are ready to begin?

To be honest, one can never really know. The best you can hope for it to acquire the bare minimum, and then keep improving, thereafter.

If an idea does come your way, grab it and put it to good use. Do not keep waiting for the right time.

It is only after you jump into the water that you learn how to swim.

And if you do feel like you are drowning, feel free to contact me… I will do my best to assist you in any way possible…

And if I cannot help you, I will at least acquire an interesting anecdote to share on my blog.

Anyhow, that is all for today.

Thank you.


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Yashas Mahajan

Author of Arrkaya: Origins, now available online... Increasingly being referred to as The Writer Guy...

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