Book of the Week #4:


by Christopher Paolini

#1: I was 11 when I first read it
#2: It was during the lull before Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
#3: I had not read Lord of the Rings or watched Star Wars

A hatchling, that is what you are. A hatchling struggling into the world.

Being a hatchling myself, just born into a genre that soon became my very favourite, it is definitely not a surprise that this book really captured my heart. Yes, I was young and naive, but I do not see why that diminishes the book’s intrinsic value.

As a kid, I was rather surprised by the number of rather vocal haters acquired by what I consider a childhood favourite. However, later rereads and reassessments did make me realise their point.

Yes, it has been termed generic and derivative, with significant similarities to the plot of Star Wars, including a major “Luke… I am your father… -_-” situation, and to the setting of Lord of the Rings.

Basically, young orphaned protagonist, of obscure lineage, acquires a mysterious object… Pursuers of said object kill the protagonist’s guardian… Protagonist vows vengeance and embarks on a journey, with a mysterious, elderly mentor, that thrusts him into a world beyond his comprehension… Four books, and 1500 pages, later, the protagonist saves the aforementioned world…

Regardless, I still believe this book is an example of good young fiction, with multiple factors largely in their favour.

The description of Saphira, with respect to her nature and personality, is exceptional, and her relationship with Eragon always felt particularly relatable.

Also, the nature of the Ancient Language, and by extension, the nature of magic within the world, is well thought of, especially considering the age of the author.

This is also one of those examples of a fiction series wherein a book’s worth is retroactively augmented by its sequels.

So, lastly, to whom would I recommend this book? Basically, anyone who wouldn’t run around whining about how this book is juvenile or generic or derivative. Yeah, those people will have a hardbound Oxford Dictionary flung at their heads.

What part of YOUNG FICTION do people not understand? It was written by a 16-year-old kid, for other 12-year-old kids to read.

However, if you haven’t read/watched Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, and can go into the series with an open mind, please do… Or maybe just read/watch Lord of the Rings and Star Wars…

Anyhow, that is all for tonight.

Thank you.

May your swords stay sharp.

Issued in Public Interest:

A movie based on this book does exist, but you are better off in a galaxy far, far away… Unless you have an affinity towards parody movies, such as Scary Movie, perhaps…

You have been warned…


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One thought on “Book of the Week #4:”

  1. Note
    1. “Eragon” is not at all a literary masterpiece.
    2. Being taken care of by a Saphira-like White Dragon of the species Canis lupus, the “Feel” is strong in this one.
    3. Waiting for Harry Potter was painful, this was a rebound (you know!).
    4. “Eldest” was the best one the series. Read that one.
    5. Skipping the last book is a good idea. All the theories I made around that one were so much more interesting!


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