Word of the Week #13:


For years, I have dreaded this word… And now I wonder why…

I wonder whether it comes from my natural disposition, or from any past experiences, but I just prefer working alone. And as a writer, I am usually not required to work alongside others, anyway.

There is just a simple, but deep, pleasure in immersing oneself in a solo project, and watching it come to fruition.

Of course, I do have a team… A great team, really… But despite that, we are rarely required to work together. It is more like a relay race; everybody does their part, then hands me the baton, as I leer towards the finish line…

However, things have begun changing, over the past few weeks. It was built largely upon my idea to involve more of my friends and colleagues in this blog, and have them share their experiences, here.

Only last week did I decide to implement this idea, and the results have been better than I ever imagined. What was supposed to be a Guest Appearance turned into a Collaboration…

And that brings me to a brief announcement:

This week’s Book of the Week post will feature a new collaborator of mine, as she shares with us a book that has had a major impact on her life, and has, at least in some part, made her the person she is…

And, I look forward to working with more readers, wherever may they be… If you have a story to tell, please feel free to contact us


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Yashas Mahajan

Author of Arrkaya: Origins, now available online... Increasingly being referred to as The Writer Guy...

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