Word of the Week #16:

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“It’s the one who’s different that gets left out in the cold.”

Anybody who has watched How I Met Your Mother would, or at least should, be familiar with this quote.

And anybody who has not watched it probably should. It is pretty good.

Either way, I am sure we have all experienced this in some way or another, often from the day we put on our uniforms and enter the school. Of course, it may begin earlier, but we are too young to notice.

There were far too many occasions in my childhood when I refused to comply with rules that did not make sense to me, and got chastised for it. Among those was my tryst with penmanship. I never could understand why my academic aptitude should be directly proportional to my ability to, or in my case, my inability to, write really fast.

Another was the compulsion to copy down everything the teacher writes on the board into a notebook, and then have it signed. I mean, I know it has been a while since I completed my schooling, but Xerox machines and PCs did exist, even back then.

And, when you refuse to comply, the teachers have a very simple response: “Is everyone else stupid to do it?”

After pondering over the question for a moment, I reply, “Probably…”

Yeah, it took me a while to understand the concept of rhetoric questions. And as you can guess, this often led to further chastisement.

They say your time in school prepares you for the real world. They are right.

The world is cold and cruel. If you go into it with high hopes and dreamy eyes, you will be chewed up and spat out.

And I, a solitary spectator, will be looking in towards the herd, a single sentence in my mind.

The cold never bothered me anyway.

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