Word of the Week #18:


Yes, most of us have encountered this term, in the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

And yes, most of us probably did not quite understand the entire concept. I, for one, can admit that my understanding of Entropy, and, by extension, of Thermodynamics, is unexpectedly inadequate.

Often is the case that you can understand the situation by eliminating the jargon, and trying to look at the basics; however, you do run the risk of erroneously oversimplifying a complex concept.

Simply put, this one concept makes the world run, the way it does.

  • Why is it easier to dirty your clothes than to clean them?
  • Why do ACs and refrigerators guzzle as much electricity as they do?
  • How does a single spritz of fragrance freshen the entire room?
  • Why are crowds considered unruly by default?
  • Why does a weak administrator lead an entire kingdom to ruin?

The answer remains the same: Entropy

Of course, for further details, you might want to contact Shruti


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Yashas Mahajan

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