Book of the Week #18: [Guest Post]

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

by L. Frank Baum


Okay, so this is the third guest post of the blog… And this week, we welcome an adorable young lady to share her views on a beloved children’s book which, for some reason, I have not read. I have not even seen the movie…

I hate flying in blind, but, well, what can we do…

The readers who do know her would probably understand why she chose this book: the story of a cute little girl, and her journey through a colourful, yet somewhat weird world, to find her way back home.

Another thing to note is that she is looking at me, while I write this, so I won’t be going into too many details. However, I can categorically state that she will, if all goes well, become an important piece in our long-term plans…

Yeah, I have a lot on my mind…

Anyhow, let us dive into the book, shall we?


“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it yourself.”

-Glinda, The Good witch.

This book fell in my hands during my Primary school days. Inspite of all the other Fairytales I knew, this book is one of my favourites since then!

I guess the unique thing about it, that caught my conscience was, that it ended where it had started. The story was all about the journey and returning home.

This story is about an innocent, joyful little girl named Dorothy, who lives with her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em in the dull, grey land of Kansas. Her only source of joy and colour in life, is her little black dog Toto! She keeps dreaming of living a better life and getting out of the small bubble of Kansas.

One fine day, a terrible cyclone swept across the Prairie. Dorothy, along with Toto, gets carried away with the cyclone. Hours later, she wakes up to find herself in a Magical land full of beautiful sights and overflowing with colours and hustle…

What follows is her expedition back home, as she interacts with several beings like the Munchkins, the Winkies, the Winged Monkeys, and many other creatures. She also makes friends on her way with the Tinman, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, among others.

For help, they go in the search of The Great Wizard of Oz, to the green city of Emerald, each of them seeking something. The journey leads them to various adventures and surprises…

I would definitely recommend The Wizard of Oz to all kids, and teenagers as well. It has a different dimension of imagination that all of us would definitely enjoy.


Well, that was simple and cute, just like the person who wrote it… No wonder many of my posts are considered long and pretentious, and often quite mean…

However, knowing me, you can expect me to add my tuppence to the post, right?

Basically, this story revolves around the evergreen themes of coming-of-age and homecoming, which are especially significant at my age, when all my friends are leaving the nest, and spreading their wings… Perhaps this will reinforce their sense of home and self… Then again, I have not read the book, so what do I know…

Anyway, you can find the book here:

Okay, that is all, for today.

Thank you…

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