Word of the Week #26:


Such gross, right? Well, that is how I am…

And, to be very honest, that is what this week has been about, so by my twisted logic that only a few can understand, this does make sense.

You see, it is just such an important part of my life, and I have to share it with everyone I know.

Well, I should probably name my autobiography The Taking of Phlegm 123, you know…

I would like to say this is just the consequence of the sudden rains, but those who know me at all would catch my lie.

More than anything, it is just a measure of my awesomeness; I just have so much of it that the surplus tends to ooze out…

And, anyway, I have grown accustomed to it, over the past eight years. There are even times when I end up feeling weird, just because my nose is uncharacteristically clear.

I’d love to chat more, but I really need to go find a new, clean handkerchief…



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Yashas Mahajan

Author of Arrkaya: Origins, now available online... Increasingly being referred to as The Writer Guy...

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