Book of the Week #28:

Wise & Otherwise,

by Sudha Murty

Of all the books we have featured here, this one probably stands out as the only non-fictional anthology.

In general, I am not overly fond of non-fiction, especially autobiographies. I mean, who wants to hear someone rant about their lives for 400 pages, right?

And what I do is not the same, okay…

However, this book is different, as it serves as a memoir, wherein the writer recounts fifty colourful episodes of her travels through our country.

As the head of Infosys Foundation, these are probably some of the many things that you see while working with the underprivileged sections of our society.

Despite the nature of stories, the narrative style is not preachy, which is a big relief. She just tells you what she thinks, and not she wants you to think.

The difference seems subtle to the writer, but to the reader it is often stark. And yes, I have some very specific names in my mind, who tend to cross over the line. Does that also include my own, I am now forced to wonder.

Another positive is that the length of the stories, roughly four pages each, allows you to read them at your pace, with minimal investment.

The impact this book had on me as a writer was astonishing, partly because I could not see the same change in me as a person.

Yet, somehow, it did inspire me to write an anthology of my own. Of course, since I never go out and meet new people, it has stagnated quite a bit. Another reason could be the major overlap my sister’s life has with mine; she tends to poach some of my best stories.

I cannot get into a copyrights lawsuit with my sister. As the first born, she probably gets dibs on Dad as her lawyer…

Well, while I continue working on mine, you could read this one here:

That is all for tonight, I guess.

Thank you…


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