Word of the Week #30:


See, when you are on a hectic, week-long trip, this is an ability you will need if you wish to keep your blog running like clockwork.

Well, that used to be an ability upon which I quite prided myself, but this very trip has forced me to reexamine. 

To begin with, before beginning a journey, one should always check if the address posted on the hotel’s website actually makes sense. If it just says Western Expressway, Malad East, chances are that you would face some trouble finding it.

Secondly, it might make sense to check whether you want to go to the Times of India Square or the Times Square, before you actually arrive at the wrong one, at 9:30PM, after roaming around the entire day. Believe me, the experience can be quite taxing… Just ask my sister, and she’ll tell you. Or kill you. With her, you never really know.

I don’t want to revisit any other examples; at least not in public. I still do have some pride.

Nevertheless, is the blog running like clockwork? Why, yes it is…

Well, what can I say… Sometimes, you just wing it, and things still work out.

And if they don’t, and it does come to the very worst, well, you just post the draft that has been saved for the past 5 months.

Simple, right?

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Yashas Mahajan

Author of Arrkaya: Origins, now available online... Increasingly being referred to as The Writer Guy...

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