Word of the Week #35: [Guest Post]



Being brought up in a household with more women than men, later going to a girls’ school for 11 years, having the strongest person I have ever known (my grandmother) as my role model while growing up, and always having had an ultra strong Father to look up to, I never thought strength had anything to do with the allosome.

All of the gender based generalisations hit me in the face only when I went to junior college. It is rare to find so many obnoxious people in the same room… But we like rare…

For the first time, my new close friends started alerting me about certain boys who were “gay”.

Apparently, they were not men enough because they were polite, had a beautiful handwriting, were particular about grooming, did not have facial hair, had a soft voice, wore pink, cried while watching movies… no, it does not stop. However, I can assure you that some of them were not gay or feminine or emasculated.

I am quite sure a lot of men, like a lot of women, just want to be listened to and understood and cry sometimes and be told that they look good in that white shirt! I am quite sure a lot of men, like a lot of women, just want to order pizza in bed and pile up stinking clothes on the chair and go on road trips without taking a shower, high on spirits. I am quite sure a lot of men like a lot of women.

Egalitarianism and Unicorns live in the same place. I live in Delhi. More people very loudly remember their mothers and sisters than anywhere else in the world. By that analysis, since most of the abuses are uttered with an assumption that the receiver is male, Delhi is probably the most Feminist city in the World.

Masculinism is the opposite of Feminism… because Chicken is the opposite of Egg. Yes.

Yes, I cringe sometimes when I see a man wearing more makeup than me… I also feel imbalanced amounts of jealousy, anger, fear and insecurity because of him. This is probably because I am probably not as untouched by masculinism as I probably think I am.

You still have no clue what it means, do you? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Scroll slow…



PS – To Gay or not to Gay… that is the question…


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Blinding White Light

Those million thoughts in your head didn't let you sleep last night. But the Sun did rise and the rays hit you smack in the face. You go through the day how you must and because it is your favourite colleague's farewell, you go to a party. You drink because the thoughts might start buzzing again and the new numb buzzing feels better. You try walking back to your friend's car in the parking lot. Suddenly, a car light flashes in your face and you see nothing else and know not where you are and the buzzing stops. That.

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