Word of the Week #37:


So, we’ve had a pretty eventful week, here in Delhi, and as one can imagine, we do have a lot of topics to discuss and experiences to share.

We should probably begin with the best, and perhaps the most important, news of the week.

And, of course, you cannot expect me to just come out with the greatest comeback story since that of Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV, without narrating the events of the entire week to build the right kind of atmosphere, can you?

Additionally, I may alter some specific details of the story, for dramatic effect, but this is largely based on true events…

Okay, so, let us begin the story from the night of Sunday, the 4th. After having just begun work on our respective cosplays, we—my sister, my cousin, two friends of ours, and I—ended up doing the one thing we all have come to associate closely with most group projects: we dozed off without actually having managed much work.

The next morning, Her Highness missed the train to Ludhiana, which caused an hour-long scramble to get her there, with no cash on hand. She might blame me for this one, but I continue to vehemently deny any culpability… Of course, this, along with a few other misadventures, wore me out for the day. Hence, as one would assume, no work was done that day.

This, as expected, led to a frantic rush to get the costumes ready for the weekend, and we had to run around the city to acquire the rest of the materials, so that we could finish everything off in time. Thus went Tuesday. And then there were five…

Now, on Wednesday, I was being a good boy. Despite not having slept at all, that night, I worked hard through the day, and we finally seemed to be making some progress. Things were, momentarily, looking up.

So, come Thursday morning, and the all important dress is delivered at the door, and, in the rarest of the rare events, it managed to heavily disappoint us in every single way possible. Like, literally, nothing about it was worth salvaging. Still, we do, just barely, have the time to remake the entire thing. Luckily, we still do have some reliable, and very skilled, friends to guide us through.

Friday morning, and we can see that none of the costumes are even nearly ready. In fact, true to Murphy’s Law, everything that could go wrong, did, beginning with our stitching machine and ending with, well, it simply did not end… The moods grew caustic, and and tempers ran high. Yeah, you don’t want to be around me or my sister when things aren’t going our way. It can get ugly.

Saturday, and things are not much better. Well, we are working hard, and things are beginning to improve, but it just feels like we have run out of time. We do still take a run at unveiling my costume, and, well, despite our efforts, it is just plain horrid. Still, the warm response by random strangers did buoy my spirits.

So, with less than 16 hours to go, we choose to spend a major chunk of our time doing something rather unorthodox: we clean the entire place.

It takes us about ninety minutes, but the impact is immediate. The simple joy of a clean room is something that cannot be explained. You just have to feel it.

As a direct result, we can feel our minds running clearer than ever, in the past week. Some tough, but necessary, choices are made, and my cousin and I get to work, while my sister takes a quick nap. Spending hours and hours discussing the best way forward, we finally conclude that the very first idea we discussed was actually the most viable. And, finally, at 5AM, we get to work. And there is this one thing you need to know about my bloodline: though we may take a while to get going, we are pretty much unstoppable once we do.

Case in point, we actually finished the task at hand in barely an hour. Another hour or so, honing the structure, and we are fairly done with the bulk of the work.

Fast forward to 12 hours later, skipping another bunch of hurdles we had to cross, just to get to the venue, and we have in our hands the results of Delhi Comic Con, ’16.


DCC ’16 Winner [Anime and Manga Category]
So, what was this mystery element that brought us back to life? I really cannot say…
Did it all work out, in the end? Well, pretty much…
Did the hardships make the victory even sweeter? Oh, hell no! I’d take a plateau over this cotangent wave any day!

Still, the point being, we won!


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