Word of the Week #41:


Okay, before we begin, I must warn you that this post is a direct reaction to the recent Sherlock episode, The Lying Detective, so if you haven’t watched it yet, well, stop reading this and go watch it.

Really, I am serious.

The post contains major, I repeat, MAJOR, spoilers…

You have been warned…

Okay, well, not many of you might know this, but over the past few years and across several online forums, I have always been identified by the name Zephyrus.

And, well, some of you might be aware that the Greek name for the personification of the West Wind.

So one can imagine my reaction when the eponymous character was revealed to have an extremely mysterious, extremely intelligent and extremely dangerous sister by the name Eurus, a.k.a. the East Wind.

Okay, it probably does not sound as cool or as creepy now than it did earlier in my own head… That is unless you are already familiar with my own sister, of course…

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Yashas Mahajan

Author of Arrkaya: Origins, now available online... Increasingly being referred to as The Writer Guy...

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