Word of the Week #46:


So, it is finally 14th of Feb…

Oddly enough, I have never celebrated this day as most of the world does, or more often than not, strives to celebrate but fails.

In our household, this date has always had a special significance. Well, I say always, because 17 years does feel like an eternity for a 23-year-old, right?

Tonight, we remember the one who has often been considered the most memorable member of our family.

In Memoriam

Bobo (14/2/2000 – 14/2/2014)

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”
― Thomas Campbell

PS: Do not be fooled by the flowers… One suspicious move, and she would rip you into little shreds…


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Yashas Mahajan

Author of Arrkaya: Origins, now available online... Increasingly being referred to as The Writer Guy...

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