Word of the Week #49:


Fun word, right? Right?


Basically, as the owner of a bank, how do you make sure people do not run away with their cash, leaving you high and dry?

Why, simply increase the transaction fees… That ought to shut them down, right?

Well, it has begun.

Just when we were done with all the demonetisation hullabaloo, the brightest minds (sic) in our banking sector, also known as the guys who put the Demon in Demonetisation, have decided to reintroduce penalties on failing to maintain a minimum balance and a plethora of charges for cash transactions.

Okay, these charges are not too high. It is what some would call chip damage, but nonetheless, the damages can still accumulate to make a significant difference, especially if you, like me, have hardly any money.

This is especially annoying while Paytm is being as reliable as our batting line-up on a turning track.

And, interestingly enough, in certain cases you will not need to pay anything if you have plenty of money.

Why, isn’t that nice?

Of course, that is just the norm. Your odds of having to pay for what you do are often inversely proportional to your bank balance, especially if it involves your driver smashing your car into other cars or dividers or pavements or humans, or whatever else tickles his fancy.

It must be fun, being rich…

But then again, having no money also has its perks. After all, how will you charge me a transaction fee when I have no money to spend?

Oh, right, the minimum balance thing…

Why, thank you, guys at SBI… Thank you so much…

And may you forever stay low and moist, at our expense.


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Yashas Mahajan

Author of Arrkaya: Origins, now available online... Increasingly being referred to as The Writer Guy...

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