Word of the Week #50:


Basically, the thing people always describe as holey

What, they mean holy, you say? I never really knew. But, yeah, the general masses sounding that honest should have made me wary.

There are few words in this language that evoke as extreme reactions as this one, right?

Some would say, it is right up there with Demonetisation and Obamacare and Shahid Afridi…

Today, as we complete our 50 weeks online, I thought I might drop my own tuppence worth on the matter.

Firstly, let me just start off by saying that I always believed Afridi was an underrated bowler, until one fine day when he wasn’t.

Yeah, I believe this is what they call the ol’ switcheroo

Okay, let us return to the topic, shall we?

Let us talk, for a moment or two, about what was clearly meant to be an ancient version of dibs, until it was blown way out of proportion.

Why do people marry?
Why must one specific individual marry?
Why does our society consider it axiomatic that every person of a certain age must marry?

If you meet that one particularly persistent Aunty, yeah, we all have one, and ask her these questions, you will earn yourself one deadly glare.

If only looks could kill, what an arsenal we’d have…

Now, certain individuals, or, as is more likely in this scenario, certain very specific groups of individuals, will probably accuse me of attacking this sacred institution, but really, why would I want to attack something so feeble and defenceless, especially when I can just sit back and watch it fall apart.

Ironically, and I hate this part, it is people who do have the ability to question the existing status quo regarding this and other such topics whose genes need to be propagated, for the benefit of mankind.

Well, it is not like one needs to get married to have kids… In fact, most unmarried people will tell you that not having kids is often the bigger concern.

Of course, there are others like me who can be better described as genetic landmines, more than goldmines. According to this article, WHO does intend to look after all the single ladies, yeah, I really wanted to use that phrase, all the single men, and all members of the LGBT community.

It puts a stake in the ground and says an individual’s got a right to reproduce whether or not they have a partner.

—Dr David Adamson

Now, that is a big, tangible step forward…

Oddly enough, while we seem to force this idea onto every man, woman and child, we still strive so hard to make sure the ones that already sold on the idea cannot marry the partners of their choice. And it is probably no surprise that, in a society where exogamy is still frowned upon, concepts like gay marriage seem like a distant dream.

But I still haven’t expressed my own feelings towards the rickety old bear-trap of an idea, did I?

To be honest, personally, I do hope to get married someday. Yeah, such an anti-climax, right? It is like the end of a musical, where the movie ends with the villain realising the error of his ways and joining in for one particularly soulful verse in the ending song.

Yeah, this turned out to be the Pain Arc of posts. Still, it was my favourite arc in Anime, ever, so that has to count for something.

Of course, that may well end up as a hollow dream. After all, who would ever willingly choose to marry me? And why?

Still, a man can dream…

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