Word of the Week #54:


Judiciary is fun. Especially when you are the one judging others.

And, in an astounding judgement earlier this week, the Bombay High Court found that a man was not guilty of murdering his wife for the rather peculiar reason that the man wanted to burn his wife, but did not intend to kill her.

To be fair, I should add that the accused was found guilty of “manslaughter without intent” and would have to serve a sentence of 10 years of imprisonment.

So, basically the same length of time as it would take for his appeal to be heard by the Supreme Court.

The Judge overseeing the case, obviously, took her cue from a Supreme Court order which takes a similar stand.

As you would know, the Indian judiciary is quite similar to Indian families: The behaviour of the eldest child  automatically becomes the framework for the behaviour of all subsequent children.

Now, I am quoting a sparsely sourced news article so one cannot really assume complete authenticity but apparently the Honorable Judge had the following words to say about the accused:

“[He] only wanted to inflict burns and not kill her but unfortunately the situation slipped out of control to a fatal extent.”

I am sure you can all relate to the poor man, right?

After all, what husband does not set his wife on fire, in what one would assume is just a creative, and rather literal, reenactment of a popular song by Eninem and Rihanna.

One time things spiral out of control, and you will call the guy a murderer? Come on!

O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts,
And men have lost their reason.

He even extinguished the fire and took her to the hospital, right? What more do you want?

In a day and age when you cannot always trust even an ambulance driver to take you to a hospital, this man should probably be given a medal…

But not by the Fire Department, of course. That would be like rubbing salt into a second degree burn. Or so I presume…

One would think it is about time playing with fire should be restricted to fiction, right Almost 7,00,000 years of practice, but we still cannot keep it in our control.

Sigh… Humans are dumb…






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