Word of the Week #61:


Have you ever worked so hard that others thought you were going insane?
Have you ever worked so hard that you too thought you were going insane?
Have you ever worked so hard that you actually did go insane?

No? On all three counts? Sounds quite like the verdict on a cop who allegedly killed an unarmed black guy… Anyway, where was I?

Yeah, if you have never felt that way, you probably will not understand this.

You see, many people who have personally known or lived with writers and artists and such will attest to the fact that they often tend to act a little erratic, or even a little insane.

Some accounts, of course, are always slightly exaggerated, and several might be linked to substance abuse, but the truth is that, since we spend a large duration of our time, effort and attention beyond the realm of the perceived reality, our sense of normalcy can get a little warped. It is just an occupational hazard, really.

The sheer pleasure of completely immersing yourself into what you love, and the euphoria that follows its fruition, is something that cannot be matched be normal means.

Writing in particular is a lot like giving birth, really. The gestation period can be long and the entire process can be painful, but you love it all nonetheless, or so I hear.

Of course, like any euphoric experience, this too is highly addictive, but unlike most others, this one makes you work extremely hard for that one moment. Therein lies the risk. That is the weakness that gives way to the drinking and gambling and philandering.

“We love the things that destroy us, because in that destruction we truly feel alive.”
― Robert Pobi

I, however, remain relatively sane. Slightly reckless, perhaps, and fairly eccentric, but not too far gone…

Where will I end up? I cannot wait to find out…

Also, as promise earlier this month, we have an update for you on the status of Book Two. 

As of this moment, the manuscript of Arrkaya: Immortals requires 65 more hours of work by my estimate. And, mind well, my estimates tend to be fairly accurate.

65 working hours… So, anything between 5 to 7 days, one would guess.

We hope we have some good news for you, next week.

Also, we do have something, or shall I say someone, interesting returning next week. See you tomorrow.


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Yashas Mahajan

Author of Arrkaya: Origins, now available online... Increasingly being referred to as The Writer Guy...

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