Word of the Week #71:


Now, now, the plan here is not to rave about Italian cuisine. I should save that for another time.

No, today, we talk about, well, today…

This day happens to be my old school’s Foundation Day, upon which we organise a city-wide Spelling Bee competition, and I was simply overjoyed to have been invited to the event.

You see, I happen to be one of the rare few who have had the opportunity to participate in this competition twice, beginning with the very first edition in ’07 and then again in ’09.

I should probably add that Shruti also happens to be a part of this elite club.

The anticipation was such that I could hardly get any sleep at all, the night before. Of course, that is by no means rare for me. I am used to it.

As I have often maintained, revisiting such moments and memories from the past are the best way to see both how far you have come in the past few years, as well as how you remain the same at the core.

The nostalgia did not really hit me until the event actually began, and they started calling out the words for the elimination rounds. I could not help but chuckle at the memory of myself fumbling around what now seemed relatively simple to me. While I had been knocked out in the very first round back in ’07, this time I would have aced the entire thing.

I don’t know if I should really be bragging about doing well at a high-school level competition, though, but now that I have begun, we might as well carry on.

It often does feel that I, and many others, have gotten far too reliant on auto-correct and other such options. The focus on spelling and grammar can may even archaic to some. In such a situation, a significant improvement in one’s ability is rather gratifying.

Of course, what I had not expected was the fact that I would actually be called up to the stage and felicitated, and that all the guests and dignitaries that I had grown up watching would be handed a copy each of my book.

As any young artist will tell you, it is always great to be appreciated for your hard work, and I could not have imagined being appreciated a better way.

It has already been 12 hours, and I have to say, I still cannot stop blushing.

Also, who doesn’t love getting to chat with one’s old teachers, and hanging out with kids 8 and more years younger to you, right?

Now, what does the word have to do with the entire thing? Well, that was the winning word.

Did I get it right? Unfortunately, no…

A double ‘t’, okay. A double ‘c’? Come on!

I suppose this is what I get for having ordered cannelloni instead, this past Sunday.

I can say with some certainty, though, that I will not be making the same mistake ever again.


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