Word of the Week #87:



Luca completed 30 days in my house today.

For the past 30 days, I have been taking him out to relieve himself. But, our boy thinks that the mats inside our house are better spots for that. So, once he feels the force, he starts crying and begs me to take him back indoors so he can find release.

Even indoors, he is convinced that touching the potty training mat is enough and there is no need to aim so that the liquid projectiles land somewhere on the super-absorbent mat.

Today, two things happened.

  1. I took Luca outdoors thrice. He relieved himself outdoors thrice.
  2. Out of three liquid projectiles, two landed in the dead centre of the mat, one on the border.

If this is not a major victory, I don’t know what is.

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Blinding White Light

Those million thoughts in your head didn't let you sleep last night. But the Sun did rise and the rays hit you smack in the face. You go through the day how you must and because it is your favourite colleague's farewell, you go to a party. You drink because the thoughts might start buzzing again and the new numb buzzing feels better. You try walking back to your friend's car in the parking lot. Suddenly, a car light flashes in your face and you see nothing else and know not where you are and the buzzing stops. That.

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