Word of the Week #143:



How rare is a year when all the things you look back at are beautiful, cherished memories? I don’t know, I have only got this one out of the 31 that I have seen so far.

If you want to know more about my lovely memories from 2018, let us talk over some good wine, while I keep interjecting the conversation to show you pictures of my babies. ^_^

For now, how about we go absolutely cheesy with the post #”I love you”? (1-4-3? You really did not know that reference? How old are you?)

I am going to now share with you some anecdotes about my Top 10 words from 2018.

First up – Number 10

No, do not like this word at all. As a child, I always thought a critter was something to eat. I was quite disappointed to find out the real meaning.

BUT, this post is about Luca boy and I wanted us to start on a sweet note.

Moving on to Number 9


This is a very interesting take on democracy. We have tried our versions of governance, seen some success and failure, but what about a review?

I don’t think it is ever too soon to start with continuous improvement. What do you think? Let us ask everyone to vote for their pref-… never mind.

Here is Number 8


For those of you who do not know my little brother, I must tell you, he can lie motionless for days.

This particular Tuesday was in the middle of one such patch of inactivity. The fact that he got the post out is a miracle, and some may find the honesty in it quite endearing.

Also, he had been on a roll with 2 very carefully written and researched pieces right before his one. See if you find them on this list.

Number 7 please!


Adroit was a word that I liked before someone at work named a training after it.

Maladroit walks right up and takes its place on my list. Clever boy unveiled before you a good insult. Use it well!

On the other hand, the post itself makes a very important point about the plastic ban and the general lack of awareness around the issue.

Next, Number 6


Have you played minesweeper in life? I was actually very good at it! My brother, not so much. But he has done well on this piece, no?

Related image

On to Number 5


A word I have heard so many times while growing up that if I hear it anywhere, my hand shoots up and I hear myself saying, “Present, Ma’am!”

It might be genetic. <Insert Nature vs Nurture argument here> Point is, defiance is an inherent quality – not necessarily a good quality. Like, intelligence. And something tells me there is no actual relationship between the two.

For instance, little brother is quite intelligent and smart in general, but at times, he can be quiet… _maladroit_ with his decisions.

March to Number 4


Unless the user is French or is marketing a pink product, I find this word nauseatingly pretentious. However, I like the word philautia and we can talk about that one later.

The post is more about the right to love, or the lack of it. It is astonishing, disgusting, and frustrating that people in my generation are willing to give up on love rather than fighting for it “for the sake of their family”. These, mind you, are the same people who would be drooling endearments on each others social media profiles. -barf-


Number 3, your turn


Clever! Very clever! A child would get that analogy… umm… a smart child would. I am not talking about the ones that bark at Luca from our window.

Anyway, I have always wanted a gun and this post does not change my mind. And now, I want a car, too.

Before I forget, Number 2

Just so you know, he wasn’t really kidding.

Finally, Number 1


Disturbing. I do not aspire to be on that list. But, I will not go quietly either, right? Defiance remember?

And, that is all, folks!

I’d gladly run into the new year knowing that I am not alone.

Happy New Year!

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Blinding White Light

Those million thoughts in your head didn't let you sleep last night. But the Sun did rise and the rays hit you smack in the face. You go through the day how you must and because it is your favourite colleague's farewell, you go to a party. You drink because the thoughts might start buzzing again and the new numb buzzing feels better. You try walking back to your friend's car in the parking lot. Suddenly, a car light flashes in your face and you see nothing else and know not where you are and the buzzing stops. That.

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