Three Realms of Nyvarda

After two centuries of war, peace has finally been established on the continent of Nyvarda, with power precariously balanced between the Three Realms:

arr Arrkaya

Under the leadership of King Edward Gyldene I, Arrkaya was formed when 5 liberal provinces seceded from the tyrannical rule of King Emmanuel I of Heiligesia.

After a century of war and bloodshed, Arrkaya has grown into a vast confederation of 12 provinces, encompassing over half of the continental landmass.

With the growth of craft and trade, Arrkaya has successfully attained a state of relative peace and prosperity, occasionally interrupted by internal disputes among provinces and terrorist strikes along frontier towns.

Under the reign of the Gyldene dynasty ever since its conception, the kingdom has formed diplomatic ties across Nyvarda and beyond.

Arrkaya Family Tree
Gyldene Dynasty of Arrkaya


Formed by the union of the Aryan clans under the iron fist of King Emmanuel I, Heiligesia became the dominant force of the continent, reaching its peak by 1151AD.

However, the disastrous decree demanding Extermination of Natives led to widespread, violent protests among powerful nobles of the South, which culminated in the rise of Arrkaya.

After repeated losses to the ascendent armies of Arrkaya and repeated betrayals by the nobility, Heiligesian might soon declined. The burden of war, lavish lifestyle of the royalty and nobility, and rampant corruption among officials, strained the economy almost beyond repair. The incessant interference of the Royal Holy Church added to their misery.

Under the rule of  Queen Ammelina, Marquis Bastian has raised the kingdom back to its feet, but at a hefty personal price.

Heiligesia Family Tree.jpg
Royal Family of Heiligesia

arz Arzi

As per their agreement, at the end of the First Arrkaya-Heiligesia War, control over territory to the west of Solvahal was ceded to the Natives, thus forming Arzi.

It took two years, before Arzi was actually liberated, and a functioning government was formed.

Led by a Supreme Leader, chosen democratically for life, and his Seven Heads, the formerly warring Pelasgian clans had finally found stability.

However, the stability did not last long. The limited territory with unyielding terrain, a growing population, and excessive dependance on Arrkaya led to severe unrest among the Natives, culminating in the Night Rebellion, the impact of which left the Pelasgian population halved.

Since then, under Amma Gulizar’s charge, the people of Arzi have regained their stability, which has now lasted for thirty years.

Under the harsh living conditions to the barren rocks of Karakaya, growth has hardly been an option, and mere survival has made the Natives resilient and relentless.

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