A Brief History of Nyvarda

Realms of Nyvarda

Between mid and late 9th century, the Mediterranean region was plagued by repeated battles between the waning Byzantine Empire and the rising Arabs. To evade the conflict, several Pelasgian tribes had migrated away from their homeland, and found refuge in the seemingly uninhabited continent of Nyvarda.

Over the next two centuries, the conflict escalated, leading to the First Crusade in 1095. Europe steadily descended into the Dark Ages, as society and commerce stagnated, and violence and oppression rose to unprecedented levels. This coincided with another wave of mass migrations from Europe.

As a result, several Aryan clans, originating largely from Norman England and the Holy Roman Empire, also known as Heiliges Römisches Reich, settled in Nyvarda. This led to decades of clashes among the Aryans, and with the Pelasgians.

In circa 1140AD, the Aryans united under the leadership of Emmanuel I, who was crowned the King of Heiligesia. Within a decade, Heiligesian forces had captured almost the entire continent.

Diplomatic relations were formed with the Pelasgians, erroneously refered to as the Natives; these ties were, however, short-lived, as conflicts again broke out.

King Emmanuel I responded with the infamous Extermination of Natives decree of 1151AD, which was met with great animosity. Lord Edward Gyldene I of Solvahal, with the support of the neighbouring provinces, seceded of Heiligesia, forming Arrkaya in 1162.

The conflict soon escalated into the first Arrkaya-Heiligesia War, which lasted for forty years. The deadlock was finally broken when the Natives allied with Arrkaya, leading to their victory. In return, the Natives were granted sovereignty, in 1205, and Arzi was formed.

Intermittent war and bloodshed continued till 1272, when the Treaty of Dulce Lago was signed by King Edward Gyldene II of Arrkaya and Queen Ammelina of Heiligesia.

The continent of thus Nyvarda entered an age of unprecedented peace and prosperity, resting upon the precarious balance of power between the three realms.

That, however, is about to change…

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