Book of the Week #19: [Guest Post]

American Gods

by Neil Gaiman


Well, now that The Writer Guy has become excessively busy with the final countdown of the launch of his Arrkaya: Origins, it was only fair for The Editor Girl to take over…

And what more could she ask  for, than one of her nerdy friend demanding a space in the blog…

I am pretty sure all readers who do know him would undoubtedly agree with me when I stress on how big a literature nerd he is. I mean, any book I get excited about, he has already read it; any Literature Fest I want to visit, he is already going in it. Not only that, his immense love for DC Comics and Manga is purely evident as he has a tendency to sparkle when anybody talks about these, just like Alex Louis Armstrong.

And trust me, it took him less than twenty seconds to decide this was the book he wanted to, as he says, ramble on. And his apparent rambling has been very effective for me. I am surely reading this one, well after I finish the five I already have in my reading queue.

“By the way, I have hidden a super spoiler in this,” he says. “Just something I like to do… If you read the book, get in touch… I’ll tell you what it is…”

Let’s see if you can figure that out yourself…


People populate the darkness; with ghosts, with gods, with electrons, with tales.

I solemnly swear that I’ll try to make this, as short as possible…

American Gods is not, in my very honest opinion, a book. It feels more akin to a meandering journey through the woods, in the dark, without a flashlight. Meaning that it is slow, suspenseful and the reader is very likely going to get lost. It is a byproduct of unique character development and a writer who has just let himself fully tap into the reservoirs of his considerable experience.

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