Character Origins #6: Rolf and Carlos

Year 1276AD

“—and now, we can all but pray that his soul finds, in his passing, the peace he sought through life.”

The words were met with an obscure murmur of approval, as he placed a flower on the nondescript grave by the side of an old tavern.

The two soldiers, standing towards the end of the crowd, looked at one another, wondering if attending this particular funeral had been a good idea. Despite the many reasons to not come, they had inadvertently ended up here. The ceremony had been brief, and the words earnest, and it was almost time for them to leave.

“Hullo, gentlemen,” a young man greeted them, his face lips into a weak smile. “How did you know Uncle Arnold, pray tell. I had not expected any soldiers here, today.”

“Ah, well,” Carlos begun, trying to piece together an answer, “we were just passing by—”

“You are not on duty, then?” he enquired, as the realisation dawned on his face. “You! You were the ones who arrested him! How dare—” Continue reading Character Origins #6: Rolf and Carlos

Character Origins #5: Dorian

Year 1278AD

The scent of wet mud greeted Dorian, as his horse trotted towards the city. The mission had been long and arduous, across the dry, bleak plains to the south of Ostra. It was good to finally be home.

Home, he wondered. Do I even have one?

The sound of horse’s hooves on the soft ground, in conjugation with his own feelings of fatigue and relief, had lulled him into a drowse.

He heard a woman whimper, as she tightly clutched the hem of her gown, tears streaming down her face. The blood on her hands was definitely her own. He had seen this before. He knew.

“What are you looking at?” he heard the gruff voice of a burly man, followed by a smack to the head that sent him sprawling across the small room.

He could see the man advancing towards her.
He could see the terror in her eyes.
He could hear a dull thud, as her head bounced off the wall and landed on the cold floor.
He could see the blood spilling out, drenching her wispy auburn hair.
After that, all he saw was red… His hands, his tunic, the knife at his feet, the wall to his side…
They were all red…

The sudden change of sounds, as he entered the paved roads of the city, roused him. He wiped the sweat off his brow and adjusted himself in the saddle. He had almost arrived. Continue reading Character Origins #5: Dorian

Character Origins #4: Trisha and Serafina

Year 1278AD

Trisha took a deep breath, as she started walking towards the arena, her high ponytail bobbing with every step. As always, a hundred eyes followed her every move, but this was the first time she really noticed it. This was the first time the attention felt disconcerting. This was the first time it really mattered.

Wiping the sweat off her brow, she steeled herself for what was poised to be the toughest, and the most important, day of her life. Her dream of being chosen as the youngest member of the Seven Heads was just a single step away, and a completely unexpected obstacle stood in her way.

Serafina lay on the rocky floor, basking under the noon sun, when the clamorous crowd caught her attention. Squinting her eyes, she watched as men and women alike fawned over Trisha. With a derisive snort, she sprung back to her feet, and meandered towards her sister. Continue reading Character Origins #4: Trisha and Serafina

Character Origins #3: Edward and Byron

Year 1275AD

“Any thoughts, Your Highness?”

Edward did not respond. He just stared beyond the parapet, his feet rooted to the floor. Somehow, he still did not feel safe.

“How high is it?” Byron asked instead, his face, as usual, showed more fascination than fear.

“Ah! About thirty feet, Your Highness,” Captain Reiner replied, grinning.

“It is not much taller than that of Torden, then. The Wall of Lumiere is twice as tall, is it not?”

“Yes, it is, Your Highness. However, Ostra already has enough natural fortification towards three sides, and as you already know, Torden suffers from other constraints.”

Byron leaned over the parapet, much to his cousin’s chagrin. Taking a deep breath, he spat towards the ground, and observed it slowly falling through the air, and glittering under the noon sun. Continue reading Character Origins #3: Edward and Byron

Character Origins #2: Rafael

Year 1275AD

Rafael’s Narrative

“How do you feel, My Young Prince?”

On its face, that was a simple question, and yet I did not quite know how to answer it. For one, its tone almost seemed to mock me.

Yes, after three years of absence, I would have preferred to have my family welcome me home, and to not have every meal for the past week by myself, but I had not expected it. We are not the most sentimental of people, anyway.

Still, it did feel good to be back.

Despite the many changes within and beyond the Castle, the view across our balcony had remained the same. The dull, limestone mountains to our North looked just the same, under the pale blue sky. The quarrying operations were probably being conducted further to the North.

Continue reading Character Origins #2: Rafael

Character Origins #1: Zeleina

Year 1272AD

“Here we are.”

The hushed voice was still loud enough, in the tight confines of their carriage, to rouse her from the light drowse.

“I know!” she proclaimed, nevertheless, sitting upright in her seat and peering through the windowpane. “I have been watching.”

A dreary, grey sky, accompanied by the faint pitter-patter on the roof of their carriage, welcomed them into the city. To a girl raised in the colourful, vibrant city of Solvahal, this sight of unimaginative rows of blocky houses and unadorned streets immediately had a rather depressing effect.

“Why do we have to live here?” she asked, dread filling her heart.

“This is our new home,” her brother replied, uninterested. “Where else would we live?” Continue reading Character Origins #1: Zeleina

Character Origins #0:


As the end of our publicity campaign draws nigh, we can begin revealing more details about the beloved characters from Arrkaya: Origins.

And what better way to do that than by anthologising their origin in the form of periodical short-stories on the blog.

These stories would serve as personal prologues for the respective characters, as the progression of events leads to their story in the series.

Next week, we begin with a character that is certainly among our personal favourites.

Great things afoot…