Writer Guy’s Analysis #3:

How To Get Away With Murder

Season 1

I don’t know what terrible things you’ve done in your life up to this point, but clearly your karma’s out of balance to be assigned to my class.

I’m professor Annalise Keating, and this is Criminal Law 101, or as I prefer to call it-
How to get away with Murder.”

That, I’d say, is as good a character introduction I’ve seen as any.

And, by far, the biggest, brightest, most ultimate selling point of this entire series is Viola Davis, who became the first African-American woman to receive an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her portrayal of the brilliant and powerful, but damaged, Defence Attorney-cum-Professor Annalise Keating.

In general, I do enjoy shows about lawyers and legal procedure. I suppose it is partly because my father is a defence lawyer, and we’d often discuss cases involving murder and corruption even before I was in my teens.

So far, this show stands at the second place of my Favourite Legal Drama list, below Boston Legal, which, in my opinion, does not enjoy the same extent of popularity as it should, and above Suits, which, despite its many, many positives, is often just not as much fun.

Now, in this post, we will analyse the entire first season of this series, and see why it works.

I should also confess that we will not be discussing Season 2, simply because I did not enjoy it.


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Writer Guy’s Analysis #2:


The Sign of Three

David: “They’re right about you. You’re a bloody psychopath.”
Sherlock: “High functioning sociopath. With your number.”

To be very honest, I never really liked the old Sherlock Holmes books. I always found Holmes extremely infuriating, and the plots simply ridiculous…

Of course, I am more of an Agatha Christie fan anyway…

What did get me interested was the Sherlock Holmes movie, with Robert Downie Jr and Jude Law. The street-smart, insane portrayal of the world’s favourite sociopath definitely piqued my interest.

However, this is definitely my favourite version of the character, and this particular story is very my favourite among them all, the reasons for which are as follows…


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Writer Guy’s Analysis #1:

As discussed in last week’s post, we have now covered enough ground with the earlier tips, and for now, analysis of other, popular works would help us cement our understanding of the basic components of writing fiction.

So for now, the tips and analyses would come every alternate Thursday… Savvy?

Gone Girl

“What are you thinking?
How are you feeling?
What have we done to each other?
What will we do?”

Yes, we are working off the movie, and not the book, and the reasons for that are very simple.

  1. Generally, movies are quite easier, and sparser.
  2. More importantly, I have not read the book.

The first time I watched my movie, it really freaked me out… I mean, honestly, as a guy, it just resonates with a very specific part of my soul…

In some ways, the perfect time to watch this movie is at a bachelor party… But not yours, of course…

Anyway, my job, tonight, is not to praise this movie, but to dissect it and analyse the pieces, in a very cerebral, heartless way… And hey, that’s what I do…


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