Word of the Week #109:


So, I have a simple question, tonight.

Which of the following would you consider a more important news story?

  1. A comedian is found guilty of drugging and molesting a woman.
  2. Another comedian told mean jokes.

Well, a quick look at the headlines of the day reveals what the media and the government seems to think.




Shall I go into the background of the situation?

Well, there is this annual event known as the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, attended by, as you can imagine, White House employees and correspondents. This year, as is tradition, a comedian was invited to make fun of the media and the government.

Now, apparently, some people took offence to some of the jokes, namely, and least surprisingly, the media and the government.

So, what were these allegedly filthy jokes?

Well, many people disapproved that she called a liar a liar. Apparently that crossed a line of some sort. She also did compliment her make up, but apparently that also offensive, these days.

So now the man who makes his living by mocking and abusing women, immigrants, foreigners, Muslims, among others, and the minions who work for him, will now tell us what is acceptable and what is not?

And the media, which claims to pride itself on speaking truth to power is suddenly too fragile to have a taste of its own medicine?

Of course, let us just not talk about Fox News… Just, no…

The silver lining of this ridiculous episode is the fact that Michelle Wolf herself has refused to apologise, and all prominent comedians stand strong in her support.

Nonetheless, it is truly a strange time when comedians are held to a higher moral standard than the President.

PS: The Correspondents’ Dinner is supposedly meant to celebrate the Freedom of Speech. The irony…


Word of the Week #73:


There is one proverb that always comes to my mind, whenever I meet other writers, and for obvious reasons.

“Birds of a feather flock together.”

However, we don’t spend the entire time flocking around, pardon my French.

Occasionally, we do spread our wings. Occasionally, we even race one another.

We tend to begin by invoking the names of our ancestors, the pterodactyls, the true pioneers who literally set the bar for us all to fly over. This essentially began our game of an Inverted Limbo.

After all, what is the point of being a bird if you won’t fly.

Apologies to all the ostriches and the emus and the late dodos.

Now, once we do take flight, it is obvious that while all of these birds may share a love for the skies, but they do not necessarily fly exactly the same way.

Unfortunately, there are far too many fledglings who would rather stayed perched on their branch and twitter.

Some ducks just flap about a few feet from the ground, but if that works for them, what can one say…

Some, like the swan, manage to earn the adoration of the entire world for a plethora of reasons, and the fact that they can fly is hardly anything more than a side-note.

Then, there are the true masters of the sky, the eagles and the falcons, whose flight and majesty humbles all terrestrial beings. The fledglings tweet about how much they wish they could fly as high, but actually do little else.

So, after such encounters, one question is natural to rise in one’s mind: What am I?

Fortunately, in my case, the answer is quite obvious.

Let us check all the facts:

  • I am bad with short, swift flights. Simply horrible. I just cannot get going.
  • I generally take quite some time and effort to take off, and the sight is far from pretty.
  • Even when I do take flight, I am not the fastest or the highest or the most elegant of them all.
  • I have been known to sleep while flying… Or fly while sleeping…
  • It is common knowledge that a saline liquid is always dripping for my nose.
  • And finally, and most importantly, once I am up there, I am not coming down. Often for hours, occasionally even days. I can simply go farther and longer than most would ever dare try.

So, what am I? As I said, the answer is quite obvious. I am an Albatross.

What are you?

Word of the Week #44:


Now, considering the current state of affairs, one would be inclined to assume this to be in response to the new POTUS’ new policies, but, well, one would be wrong.

If you had, even sporadically, been following his campaign over the past year or so, this really should not come as a surprise… Continue reading Word of the Week #44:

Word of the Week #33:


That was how I evaluated my state, when a friend just casually happened to ask, “What are you doing now?”

And I can say with some certainty that I am not the only one…

First, the Government of India initiates NoCashNovember, which in itself was quite fun.

And not to be outdone, the people of US have Duck à l’Orange delivered at the White House, a dish that already makes many of us gag. Continue reading Word of the Week #33:

Word of the Week #32:


This, right now, is the exact moment when the first state of US begins to vote for their new president.

Yeah, apparently the guys at Vermont are quite the early birds…

So, really, it is only fitting that we take a quick look back at the moment that may have, in all probability, sparked off Donald Trump’s campaign to the White House.

Now, how does that related to the aforementioned word?

Well, this was the night, April 30th, 2011, was the night when the US Commander-in-Chief took on the role of the Comedian-in-Chief, and proceeded to smack the Donald with a stick, till the smug exterior shattered, and the crazy inside oozed all over the country.
Continue reading Word of the Week #32: