Word of the Week #182:



Every now and then, I will do this.

I will work very hard for a very long, until I cannot work anymore.

If life is a candle, I don’t just burn it at both ends; I slit the candle down the middle, sprinkle some gunpowder over it, and I set the whole thing ablaze.

Needless to say, every subsequent cycle leaves me completely spent.

And, gradually, like the eternal phoenix, I too rise from the ashes, only to set myself on fire once again.

Only, this time, I saw the end coming. I had the time to prepare. I got a chance to pause.

And for once, I did.

Now, I can take a couple of days, refresh my mind, rebuild my strength, return to the peak of my abilities—or as close to them as I can—before I resume the blaze that is my life.

Personal growth, you know.

I am quite proud.

Word of the Week #54:


Judiciary is fun. Especially when you are the one judging others.

And, in an astounding judgement earlier this week, the Bombay High Court found that a man was not guilty of murdering his wife for the rather peculiar reason that the man wanted to burn his wife, but did not intend to kill her.

To be fair, I should add that the accused was found guilty of “manslaughter without intent” and would have to serve a sentence of 10 years of imprisonment.

So, basically the same length of time as it would take for his appeal to be heard by the Supreme Court.
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