Word of the Week #27:


Not to be confused with Martian, though the two do share a word root, or with Marshal, though the two sound quite alike…

Or that French guy who plays for ManU, whatever his name may be…

Now, I specify that because, as a kid, I would often get confused between the first three, and I was already smarter than many of you can ever hope to be. Continue reading Word of the Week #27:


Book of the Week #11:

The Class,

By Erich Segal

I guess he just didn’t know how to be happy.
That is the one thing they can’t teach you at Harvard.

It must have been almost 8-10 years back when I first read this powerful book, and it marked a sudden change in my tastes as a reader. I had finally grown beyond young fiction, and was ready for literature of higher quality and greater depth.

Of course, my parents didn’t quite believe I was ready, and hence, this period of my life involved a considerable amount of stealing from Dad’s book shelves.

However, this does not really mean that I was over fantasy and magic and dragons and swords, just yet. I hadn’t even read The Deathly Hallows, by then… Continue reading Book of the Week #11: