Book of the Week #22:

Brothers in Law,

by Henry Cecil

“And anyone can avoid going to prison under a judgement summons by going bankrupt?”

“Quite correct,” said Henry.

“Then why doesn’t everyone do that?”

“Several reasons. Some people can’t raise the ten pounds to go bankrupt.”

“So a man with ten pounds can avoid going to prison and a man without can’t?”

Makes much sense? Not really, right? Well, that is how the law works. Or used to work… And that is a reason why this writer is still highly popular among lawyers.

You see, there are many great authors who only manage to leave a fleeting impression on the fickle minds that make up our society, and are thereby eventually relegated to a niche audience.

Unfortunately, such is the case of Henry Cecil. While his books may have once commanded praise from even the likes of P.G. Wodehouse, his popularity, or the lack thereof, does not do justice to the quality of his works. Continue reading Book of the Week #22:


Word of the Week #19:


Now that is one word that almost completely describes our entire world, which seems to make even less sense, the more closely you examine it.

Why, just this week, a Union Minister lauded a bunch of rules that he himself has been photographed flouting… And not in his obscure past as a nameless rookie either…

Now, living in a country where the police force is catastrophically understaffed and ill-equipped, where investigations routinely last for years, and swift convictions are a rarity, one would expect the administration to have grown efficient and judicious in the use of resources, but NOOO!
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