Word of the Week #52:


Look. When people start using the same adjectives that commentators for decades have held in reserve for Shahid Afridi to describe you, it does make you question the entire universe, and your place in it.

Is it weird that I keep bringing him up?

To be very honest, he has been a major part of all our childhoods, has he not? Maybe not so much the impact as the sheer span of his presence.

Anyway, let us shift away from this topic before the Nationalist Brigade breaks into my house to confiscate my passport right on the eve of this fairly moderate, but nonetheless noteworthy, landmark.

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Book of the Week #29:


by George Bernard Shaw

In this day and age, how does one decide which book to read?

More than anything else, we depend on our close friends, to set us up with books they think we’d like. Otherwise, we simply make a choice based on popular opinion.

That wonderful feeling when you are looking across a crowded room, and you see book just sitting there on the shelf, and you just know you are going to grab it in your hands, take it to your room, and just have a magical night together, that doesn’t really happen as often as we would like, does it?

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