Word of the Week #88:



My sleep is dear to me, and more dear this being of stone,
as long as the agony and shame last.
Not to see, not to hear is for me the best fortune;
So do not wake me! Speak softly.

— Michelangelo


Word of the Week #66:


It is the break of dawn, and I am wide awake.

No, I did not rise what the sun, as our learned ancestors happened to recommend.

I have always found it easier to just stay awake, especially when my mind is in an excited state.

It probably seems quite odd to most uninitiated onlookers; in fact, it might just be quite odd.

People are often alarmed by these, well, admittedly alarming mannerisms of mine. Several have been quite vocal about their concerns, while some have made active attempts to intervene, obviously to no avail.

However, the view is clearer from my standpoint. If we do not spend today consumed by our passion, what do we even seek from tomorrow? While some may wonder why I cannot rest my head each night, I, in turn, wonder how they can even pull themselves out of their beds the morn after.

That being said, I will admit, these antics come with a price to pay.

Encumbered forever by desire and ambition,
There’s a hunger still unsatisfied.
Our weary eyes still stray to the horizon,
Though down this road we’ve been so many times.

—High Hopes, by Pink Floyd