Word of the Week #217:


Often, I love having this outlet for some of the relatively lukewarm issues I encounter on a daily—or maybe weekly—basis.

It is good to have such outlets. It can be cathartic.

Writing always helps me control the chaos. 

However, if things escalate beyond a certain level, I feel uncomfortable talking about them, which further makes it more difficult to handle an already difficult situation.

And, instead, I shift the conversation to something more mundane, something easier to discuss.

Something like the weather.

Speaking of which, it has been pretty warm, lately. I am not unfamiliar with such heat, but not am I comfortable with it.

I hope it rains soon.

I have no real reason to believe that it will, but a man can hope, right?

After all, it has to rain, right? Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but soon.

Till it does, I just need to survive, right?

Lying under the searing sun, alone, I await the rain. 

Word of the Week #215:


This world is full of some rather annoying things, right?

Like people, and mosquitoes, and lizards that come running across the walls of your room and freak you out for no good reason. Bloody lizards…

But, more than anything, the one thing that has been annoying me the most over these past few weeks is the dull, throbbing, constant pain that accompanies the rise of a wisdom tooth.

Now, I am no stranger to pain. I get hurt more often in any given month than most people probably would over years. I have had to endure several nagging chronic injuries too.

However, this pain is different. 

It just does not stop.

No matter what else I try to do, it is always there, always making its presence known.

Short of taking powerful painkillers every few hours—something I would refuse to do—there is no way to find any respite from this uninterrupted torment.

I wonder if this is the price for wisdom.

I wonder if this is worth it.

Word of the Week #168:


Generally, I pride myself on two qualities which may seem rather paradoxical:

  1. My ability to plan and prepare such that I never have to get things done at the last moment.
  2. My ability, whenever required, to always get things done at the last moment.

However, there are instances when I happen to disregard the former and rely on the latter, and while I do get the job done, it comes at a cost.

Today, I could have written a post earlier in the afternoon and had it scheduled to be posted around midnight. Instead, I chose to spend my time doing something that, for the life of me, I cannot recall.

I can get it done at any time I want, right? I am good at this.

And now, with less than half an hour to midnight, I am typing away on a touchscreen device just hours after having dislocated my left thumb.

Yes, it hurts.

No, I won’t go to the doctor.

Now, shall I conclude that I am struggling to get things done because I chose to wing it and should never do that again, or should I always chose to wing it because I can always get things done regardless how much I am struggling?

Either way, considering I started 28 minutes before my deadline and finished with 14 minutes to go, I think this is a good choice to have.

Word of the Week #93:


As a kid, I used to get hurt a lot. Like, every alternate day, I’d come home battered and bleeding.

I was a rather clumsy boy. I still am, for the most part. Perhaps it is not something you can just outgrow. Nor was I ever the greatest of athletes. But neither of those ever stopped me from doing all the crazy things that seemed fun in moment, irrespective of the consequences.

That is the thing about childhood, though. You can do whatever the hell you want, break or tear anything, and soon enough, it will be as good as new. Perhaps even better.

Unfortunately, as with adult salamanders, our capacity to heal plummets with age.

After 18, you have to be especially wary about hurting your bones or your joints, else they may never recover completely.

In the mid twenties, you start keeping a closer track of your aches and niggles. This is a list I made just last night, of all the things that hurt…

  • Ankles
  • Shins
  • Calves
  • Knees
  • Hip
  • Left shoulder
  • Left wrist

And, since then, I have also bit my tongue, so…

I cannot stop getting hurt. It is just how life goes, right? If you jump, you must be prepared to accept the fall.

No, what I must learn is a simple, yet alien concept that would supposedly help me live to fight another day: REST.