Word of the Week #211:


Now, I’m not one to indulge in shameless self-promotion… Or maybe I am. I don’t know. I can be moody.

Still, I want to talk about a book I recently published. Kindle link, for those interested. 

Locked at home with little else to do, I ended up writing, editing, and publishing this collection of four short stories within ten days.

How did this come about?

I decided to use the space and time this sudden shutdown gave me to experiment with my writing style.

Normally, I prefer writing long, complex stories involving multiple intertwining character arcs and shifting narrative perspectives. It helps me explore the events from multiple angles and create a wide universe that the reader can explore at length.

It’s a good style, or at least I think it is.

Still, it is not suitable for every story.

Sometimes, you do not need shifting narrative perspectives. Sometimes, you need one immersive narrative style that can drive the entire story.

With that in mind, I experimented.

Each of the short stories employ slightly varying narrative styles and tones, meant to sound like four phases or moods of a single character inserted in four different sets of circumstances.

Plus, I did want to write something light and cute and sweet that readers could pick up in these weird, crazy times and hopefully feel a little better reading it.

Overall, I think I am satisfied with the results of my experiment, which is why I decided to publish it.

Let’s see how people like it.

Word of the Week #210:


Sometimes, I feel like I am made of sand.

“How much more can you break me?” I ask.

“Just a little more,” Life replies.

“How much more till I turn to dust?” I ask.

“Just a little more.”

Word of the Week #196:


Why do people quit?

Is it a symptom of wisdom, or of weakness?

It is not easy to tell, is it?

One of the most difficult things in life is knowing when to quit. After all, we can never truly know if we have tried our very best, right? At least I never do.

I will never accept that I couldn’t have done something better or something different. I do have a very high opinion of my own abilities, after all. And yet, doing something better or something different does not guarantee a desirable outcome. 

So, how do I make sure I don’t get stuck in a worthless endeavour?

Well, more often than not, I really don’t.

I just keep scraping for what I want at that moment, and things generally seem to work out well, in the end.

How does that ad go? Maybe I’m born with it… Maybe it’s make-believe… Something to that effect, I’m sure.

Who can know for sure, right?

All I do know is what I want, and that is often enough.

Word of the Week #137:


As I mentioned a few weeks back, I am currently in the process of querying, and for the first time I feel like I am actually doing a good job.

Now, for those unfamiliar with the term, querying refers to contacting literary agents and hoping they like your work enough to want to work with you.

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that the process is eerily similar to asking a girl out.

Think about it.

Firstly, you always present yourself in the best light. You talk about yourself and what you do, and hope they like what they see.

You learn about their interests and preferences, and modify your approach to convince them how you can cater to those.

You adhere to their rules, even if you do not understand or appreciate them.

“Double-spaced manuscript? Sure! Why? Well, this is not for me to ask, is it?”

You start feeling good about yourself. Why wouldn’t you? You’re nice. You have worked hard all your life. You should have confidence in what you bring to the table.

After you have poured your heart on the page and hit the send button, however, you find every single thing you would have done differently, from that one comma before a conjunctive adverb to that shirt you wore to your high school graduation. What teenager appreciates Pink Floyd! Well, there is nothing to be done about it now.

And once you do send it, you are consumed by your curiosity. You cannot possibly just sit there and wait for a response; you have way too much on the line. Unfortunately, that is what you have to do. You cannot keep badgering them.

“Did you read it? Did you like it? Did you like me? Say, want to make this official?”

You may keep thinking that the whole day, but saying that will get you labelled a creep. You do not want that, do you?

And if, as is quite likely, maybe you get a rejection. And not even a thoughtful, well-crafted rejection that tells you what you did wrong or what you could have done better. Nothing that shows you that they respect the efforts you made. Just, “Yeah, I don’t wanna…”

Obviously, your heart sinks. You are devastated. You want to ask, “Why? Why not me? What do I lack?”

It is true. It is natural. But ask yourself this, is that the kind of men you want to be? Really, are you going to be that guy?

Surely, there could’ve been many reasons why you did not make the cut.

Maybe they’ve never seen a guy like you and don’t want to take a risk. Maybe they’ve seen too many guys like you and want something new. Maybe this is just not the right time for them. Maybe they are already with someone. Or maybe they believe you are just not ready.

All understandable reasons, you would realise.

So, what do you do now? Well, you cannot keep wallowing forever, right?

Maybe you work on yourself a little more. Understand what sets you apart, and what holds you back. Present yourself better. Maybe trim down on some of that mass around the middle.

You keep improving, and you keep looking. Because you know that once you find the right now, together you are going to build something magical.

In the end, that is what makes this endeavour worth it.


Word of the Week #132:


Think of a profession. Any profession.

No, I am not going to guess which one you are thinking about. That is not what I do here…

No, think of a good profession, one that you wish was yours.

Okay, turns out, I will be guessing…

I guess a common answer would be a professional athlete. That is fun, after all, right?

Well, I agree, playing for money does sound fun. But think of it this way. Is every aspect of the profession fun?

Being able to take the pressure, the weight of expectations of your fanbase may not always be fun, but some people are still better equipped to handle it than others, right? But I am not talking about the mental aspect, right now.

No, the parts that nobody would enjoy are the more mundane ones. Things like the incessant travel. Nobody wants to take a cross-country flight after every game. But, it is something you cannot avoid.

It is the same for musicians, singers, comedians and such. You have to travel before you get to perform.

Lawyers have to do lots of unglamorous things, like examining briefs and filing motions and visiting jails. It is not all courtroom drama.

Now, I don’t know what part of being a doctor is fun… I do not understand that profession, to be honest.

But, you see, that is how all professions work. You need to do some of the annoying stuff in order to do the stuff you love.

It is like eating on orange. Nobody enjoys peeling an orange. But if you like eating an orange, you have to endure peeling it.

Being a writer is the same. There are so many parts that drive me so crazy: Editing, querying, marketing, dealing with publishers… None of it is really fun.

But you are done with all that, you get to do what you really love. Just sit back, and keep writing all day.

That’s the dream, right?

Well, I look forward to the day it comes true, once again…

Of course, I remember a time when my Mom would peel the oranges for me. A convenient system, you know.

If only I could find an agent to handle all the peeling for me, now…


Word of the Week #75:


So, as you’d probably know, last week brought some much needed joy and jolly into our lives.

However, that lasted for barely a moment, before another mountain, much taller and wider than the last, stood stark in my sight.

You see, just writing a book, especially a rough, vague preliminary draft is quite similar to taking a stroll.

Of course, this stroll is long and strenuous, like the one in “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” by Leo Tolstoy, and completing it without losing your mind is a feat definitely worth celebrating.

Have you read that story, by the way? You really should. It is amazing.

Now, this ain’t my first rodeo. I have been doing this for years already. I know how it works. I know that, in contrast, the path ahead is not as simple. It may be short, but it is far more uphill.

So, while it still is a time for joy, we know how much more work needs to be done.

It is time to strap on the snowshoes, baby, and just keep walking.


Word of the Week #33:


That was how I evaluated my state, when a friend just casually happened to ask, “What are you doing now?”

And I can say with some certainty that I am not the only one…

First, the Government of India initiates NoCashNovember, which in itself was quite fun.

And not to be outdone, the people of US have Duck à l’Orange delivered at the White House, a dish that already makes many of us gag. Continue reading Word of the Week #33:

Word of the Week #4:


This week, I just happened to use this word in a conversation, and the exact response I got was, “Eh… What?!”

I did not say anything, just gave her a stern look. So she continued, “I know, now you’ll shout ‘Dictionary! Dictionary!’ Am I right?” Continue reading Word of the Week #4: