Word of the Week #195:


I have often felt that my art comes from a place of joy and love. I find it difficult to write when I am significantly disturbed or distressed.

These past couple of weeks have been nothing but distressing, right?

It has been reported that at least 25 people have lost their lives during the protests. Oddly enough, many of them were not even protestors, but simply random bystanders

Reporters and activists have been threatened, arrested, or assaulted.

Even vehicles in the street have not avoided the wrath of the police.

It is enough to chill one to the bones, is it not?

Whom do you call when the cops turn on you?

Call me.

“It is the common peoples duty to police the police.”
Steven Magee


Word of the Week #48:


Well, as we know, the exact definition of certain words can vary with location and time.

Late last week, the Baltimore County Police Department decided to update, or perhaps simply reinforce, the definition of the aforementioned word within their jurisdiction.

Interestingly enough, a bystander happened to have a camera at hand, which is probably not a surprise in this day and age, to record the historic event.

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Word of the Week #19:


Now that is one word that almost completely describes our entire world, which seems to make even less sense, the more closely you examine it.

Why, just this week, a Union Minister lauded a bunch of rules that he himself has been photographed flouting… And not in his obscure past as a nameless rookie either…

Now, living in a country where the police force is catastrophically understaffed and ill-equipped, where investigations routinely last for years, and swift convictions are a rarity, one would expect the administration to have grown efficient and judicious in the use of resources, but NOOO!
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