Word of the Week #205:


We tend to normalise the things in our lives, right?

I mean, we HAVE to. Otherwise, our lives would be far too skewed.

Still, I believe that when we do this, we tend to overlook too many of the most important things about the world around us. 

We might not notice how comfortable or pleasant our home was until we move away. Because, why would we? Comfort is the norm within our experience, right? A deviation from it is noticed, but its sustained prevalence is forgotten. But after having moved away and struggled to feel “at home” ever again, we realise just how special and valuable that sensation is.

The same goes with people, of course. While we have them around, we do not notice what we have. We may never learn some of the most interesting things about the people we see every single day. Is that not an opportunity too precious to lose?

As an artist, one never knows what single word or idea may spark a masterpiece of a lifetime. Inspiration may be lurking in any corner of your world, just like that scary snake we spotted in the parking last night, which led me to add a new, interesting chapter to an ongoing project.

As I said, inspiration may be lurking in any corner of your world, and you never know when it may strike. 

So, look at the world. Look at the people around you.

See. Understand. Absorb. 

Word of the Week #204:


So, I love Thums Up, right?

Is it the best drink in the world? I think so. But is it, actually? I don’t know.

Is the the healthiest drink in the world? Resoundingly, no.

Now, does this restrict me from expressing my love for Thums Up? Of course not. 

I can still keep talking about how much I love it, as I tend to do.

I can keep recommending it or offering it to my friends, as I tend to do.

I can buy more of it and let the shopkeepers know of my preference for it, so that they have an incentive to stock up more of it, which again encourages more customers to buy it. 

I cannot hold down someone’s nose and pour Thums Up into their mouths.

I cannot disregard studies into harmful effects of caffeine or sugar or soda.

Does knowing and admitting its drawback dilute my love for Thums Up? Of course not.

That is how love should be. 


Word of the Week #203:


I have been told that the way I talk can sometimes be quite complex and roundabout. 

So, beginning tonight, let us try to talk about some relatively complex topics in as simple a way as I can.

Extremism is bad.
Don’t be an extremist.

Now, what is Extremism?

Imagine that you love Thums Up. I mean, who doesn’t, right? Well, actually, some people don’t.

Now, should I go about attacking people who prefer Pepsi or vandalising shops that sell Mirinda, of all things? 


Why? Because other people get to choose what they want, just like I do. 

Let us repeat that. 

Other people get to choose what they want, just like you do.

And no matter how visibly stupid their choice, we have to respect it—or at least tolerate it.

Why? Because that is part of living in a civilised society. I don’t kill you for your choices, and you don’t kill me for mine. 

Simple, right?

Let’s try it for a week and see how it goes.

Word of the Week #102:


This has been an interesting week. There are quite a few incidents we could discuss.

A large part of it has been the Farmers’ March, here in our home state. In a nation build on peaceful protest and dialogue, the past few instances of unnecessary violence have left a poor imprint on our collective memories. Therefore, the maturity and consideration of the protesters, and the kindness with which the common citizens have responded, is a refreshing sight for these sore eyes.

But, instead, let us focus on the aforementioned eyes, for a moment.

You know, my life has recently undergone a tragic change. I have had to bit adieu to my favourite drink in the whole wide world: Thums Up.

For the uninitiated, let me just say that Thums Up is a cola drink presumably prepared from the caffeinated waterfalls of heaven, and no earthly drink could ever compete with it. And, in a cruel twist of fate, my body has grown completely intolerant to caffeine.

Now, I haven’t been able to consume chocolate and coffee for all of my adult life, and I have had time to make my peace with that, but this is too sudden and far too cruel, and I have not taken it in my stride just yet.

So, as it would happen, I ended up falling off the wagon, tonight, and boy, did I fall hard. Not because I am weak willed, of course, but only because I refused to drink an orange soda. I mean, there are many atrocities I am willing to tolerate, but orange soda? I’d rather drink my cola and embrace the consequences than put that putrid hell-spew in my mouth.

So, I am now lying in my bed, dizzy and weak, but I remain as proud as a Saiyan Prince. With my head throbbing, my ears ringing, my eyes smarting and my limbs wailing, my only regret is that I have no Senzu Beans to spare…

Yeah, pride comes at a price.