Word of the Week #221:


People often ask me what I do all day.

Okay, not often. More like, occasionally.

Anyway, I don’t usually have a real answer. I don’t have a schedule, per se. I just do what I like.

Still, what does a day look like in my life?

Well, let’s take a look.

12:00 PM

Awaken by a call. Client asks if I can take a new project and complete it in 24 hours.
“Of course, I can! Sure thing!”

12:02 PM

Go back to sleep.

4:14 PM

Actually wake up.

4:16 PM

Send confirmation to client without actually reading the whole email or checking the attachments.

4:20 PM

Freshen up.

4:40 PM

Think about working out.

5:30 PM

Actually start working out.

6:15 PM

Finish working out.

6:30 PM

Finally catch your breath.

6:31 PM

Think about taking a shower before getting distracted by a text.

6:56 PM

Actually shower.

7:13 PM

Walk out of the shower.

7:20 PM

Have dinner. 
“Dinner”? “Lunch”? Whatever.

7:40 PM

Consider getting started on the project.

7:41 PM

Decide to start at 8:00

7:42 PM


8:00 PM

Realise you don’t want to start working yet. 


8:03 PM

Decide to really start at 9:00.

8:04 PM

Continue chatting.

9:00 PM

Check the attachment in the email and realise you are not going to enjoy this project.
“Nah! I don’t wanna do this!”

9:08 PM

Play video games for an hour.

11:20 PM

Realise it has been more than an hour.

11:21 PM

Decide to really, really start at midnight.

11:22 PM

Tell everyone you have decided to really, really start at midnight.

12:00 AM

Play video games for an hour.

5:28 AM

“Is that sunlight? Son of a—”

5:30 AM

Open a 98 page document.

5:40 AM

Finish reading the 98 page document.

5:41 AM

Get started on your task.

5:55 AM

Finish your task.

6:00 AM

Check once and submit.

6:01 AM

Go down for breakfast.
“Breakfast”? “Dinner”? Whatever.

6:02 AM

Realise that society’s definitions have no hold on you.

6:08 AM

Eat scrambled eggs.

6:11 AM

Lie in bed and watch anime.

10:00 AM

Turn the laptop off and go to bed with zero regrets.

That’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it…

Du du du du du du du du du… Du du du du du du du du du… 


Word of the Week #220:


You know what? I don’t like discussions.

I don’t want to engage in a back-and-forth with random nitwits who have no idea what they are talking about. 

I guess that is why I blog.

I talk. If people want to listen, they listen. If not, not. 

Either way, I say what I want to say, and I leave.

I know that we need to have a dialogue, and we need to keep taking the conversation forward.

However, having a long, winding discussions with imbeciles about topics they cannot even being to comprehend is not the kind of grief one needs in one’s life right now, right?

In fact, isn’t that why we wanted to have a conversation? Because we already have too much grief. So why is looking for more grief part of the solution.

In order for the conversation to move forward, people need to understand when to just shut up and listen.

When I monologue, you better shut up and listen. Then just continue to shut up.

Word of the Week #217:


Often, I love having this outlet for some of the relatively lukewarm issues I encounter on a daily—or maybe weekly—basis.

It is good to have such outlets. It can be cathartic.

Writing always helps me control the chaos. 

However, if things escalate beyond a certain level, I feel uncomfortable talking about them, which further makes it more difficult to handle an already difficult situation.

And, instead, I shift the conversation to something more mundane, something easier to discuss.

Something like the weather.

Speaking of which, it has been pretty warm, lately. I am not unfamiliar with such heat, but not am I comfortable with it.

I hope it rains soon.

I have no real reason to believe that it will, but a man can hope, right?

After all, it has to rain, right? Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but soon.

Till it does, I just need to survive, right?

Lying under the searing sun, alone, I await the rain. 

Word of the Week #142:


Oh, it is cold, out here… Oh, I so hate this weather, and it me.

I struggle to do all of the things I truly love: Eat, sleep, work, play, breathe. God, I so miss being able to breathe.

The thermometer might suggest it is not too cold, but thermometers have been known to lie on this matter.

With the piercing winds, the unseasonal rain, it is almost reminiscent of Wuthering Heights.

It is probably no surprise then that I have halted my work for the week to curl up under my blanket with the very book in my hand, trying to read as much as I can between increasingly painful bouts of cough.

There are some pleasant feelings associated with this season, with the holidays and the merriness with it, but I am just not interested in all that.

I will just stay in my bed, for now, sulking till the weather improves. And I will keep trying to breathe.

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Word of the Week #63:


So, after getting thoroughly drenched earlier today, I can say that the summer is officially over, and monsoon has arrived, and with quite a bang, if I may say so.

Congratulations to the guys over at IMD, who forecast monsoon to hit us between 10th and 15th of this month.

While many might be overjoyed with that news, I happen to have rather mixed feelings about the rains, and not just because I am grumpy after getting soaked to the skin. Continue reading Word of the Week #63: